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Mom refused the kitten twice – he was picked up from the cold at the last moment

Abandoned newborn kitten was brought to life and rescued at the very last moment.

Last month, Caroline Grace, a foster care volunteer at Saving One Life, was informed of a newborn kitten. The kid urgently needed a nanny, he was not yet a day old, and a kind man named Brent brought him to the shelter.

Brent regularly feeds wild cats in the area. Upon discovering that one of the cats had given birth, he hurried to build a shelter for her and the kittens.

, lost one. Brent expected her to come back for the screaming baby, but she didn't,” says Caroline.

Then the man put the kitten in the nest with mom and the others, but then he was surprised to find that mom- the cat brought it back. “She repeatedly abandoned the child and left him screaming in the cold.” and brought the kitten into the heat. Then I contacted animal rights activists. “Newborns are very vulnerable: the kitten came to me already hypothermic and lifeless,” says Caroline.

“I spent the first day warming up the kitten (Toby) so I could feed him and providing maintenance therapy – just to keep on living.”

Even when his body temperature reached a safe level, Toby was still too weak and could not grasp the pacifier. Caroline entered intensive care and tube-fed the kitten on schedule for the next three days, around the clock. On the fourth day, the baby's condition finally stopped worsening when he gained enough strength to suck on the bottle.

“From that moment on, every day he became stronger and healthier, his character began to appear,” says Caroline. – Literally at the age of five days, he began to purr – after and during each feeding. He ate well, and after eating he rolled onto his back, exposing his tummy for caresses. The cheerful boy still could not sufficiently enjoy the attention of his caring nanny.

Thanks to the heroic appetite, Toby quickly grew a healthy fat. By the eleventh day, his eyes were opened, and for the first time he looked at the world.

find out what's going on around him,” says Caroline.

Having learned to purr powerfully, the kitten already did it without ceasing. He demanded to be picked up and carried around the house, wherever his foster mother went.

Watch cutie Toby on the video:

He became enterprising, inquisitive , inner mischief was torn out of him.

Gaining the strength to walk, he began to hone his cat skills and look into every corner that he could find.

Waddling, little Toby learned to hold balance.

He has a very convincing look, so a nice kitten always gets what he wants. He just needs to look at his people, and they happily obey him.

He instinctively knows that a person's knees are needed in order to have a good time on them and sleep.

“At 3.5 weeks old, he still purrs constantly. He loves to be picked up and kissed on the face. He becomes more playful as he discovers new toys and furnishings,” says Caroline

“Loves to climb -down my legs and explore the room. When he needs something, he lets me know by shouting, looking straight into my eyes. ”

Toby has progressed incredibly, turned into a healthy and chubby boy. He likes to climb onto Caroline's lap, bury himself in her arms and fall asleep with a purr.

“He likes to look me in the face. After feeding, he rolls over onto his back and just looks at me. In response, I rub his tummy, and he purrs non-stop,” adds Caroline.

“It looks so cute when he discovers things for the first time, be it toys, a tray, or a climbing skill,” says Caroline. – He is the most wonderful, most gentle boy, the one who adopts him will be lucky! ”

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