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Ma-a-am! Well, stop washing me already!

Parental care is never excessive, although the kids do not think so. A young lion cub from Pride Sala in the Masai Maru reserve in Kenya was “doubly lucky” – two lionesses took care of him at once.

Apparently, extremely a naughty and troublesome baby, if he needs to be washed from all sides!


The future head of the pride is getting maximum attention today

According to Mark Boyd, director of the conservation group Safari Collection Footprint Foundation and author of the images, Pride Sala has been living in the place of the same name for the seventh year. This is a very friendly and strong lion family, successful both in hunting and in protecting offspring. It is not surprising if the lionesses coordinate their actions so well.

Cubs are common. Equal care for all.

But this three-month-old lion cub same special

Mark Boyd admitted that no one has yet does not know what makes a lion cub stand out. The more interesting it will be to watch him in the future!

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