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Little Animals Enjoy Life: Julian Rad's Great Photo Project

We humans are used to not noticing the small and insignificant. Everyone knows that tigers and rhinos are dying out, but at least someone is concerned about the fate of field mice or chipmunks? That's the same!

But for the Austrian photographer Julian Rad, they became a source of inspiration and creativity!

Oh, what a wonderful mouse!

What a flower smells delicious!

Do you want to tell fortunes on a camomile?

Shy Hamster

The bunny is not a smartass

Photographed while jumping

Great frame!

Small photographer's secret

Winter is a time of joy

Well, what are you greedy for?

Stock pocket does not pull!

Why does the bunny need roses? We do not know.

Look! Look, we are being photographed!

That's the prey! My size!

Yo-my, how much happiness has come!

Gorgeous squirrel returns with prey

How cute and spontaneous they are! Whee!

Source: lemurov.net

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