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In the United States, an animal shelter caught fire, and a homeless man rushed to help the animals. He saved all the animals and became a hero

If you do good deeds, they will definitely return to you. This is proven by the story of 53-year-old Keith Walker from Georgia, who risked his life to save the inhabitants of the W-Underdogs shelter. Keith Walker himself is now going through hard times and lives on the street, and therefore knows firsthand how important it is to help those who are in trouble.

A fire broke out at the W-Underdogs shelter on December 18 while no staff was present. Keith Walker, who happened to be nearby at that time, did not hesitate to rush to help the animals. He managed to save all the inhabitants of the shelter, among whom were 6 dogs and 10 cats.

Keith Walker has a beloved pet named Bravo, so he couldn't get past the burning shelter

I won't lie, I was very scared. There was so much smoke. But God sent me there so that I could save these animals, Walker shared with CNN. “My dog is my best friend and without him I wouldn't be here, so I knew I had to help”

Walker saved 6 dogs and 10 cats from fire

Shelter staff thanked Keith Walker and all those who did not stayed away

Tonight we thank our guardian angels. Keith Walker, who ran into our burning house and saved our animals, fire department and officers. Our animals are safe. We just wanted to say THANK YOU to all our friends and volunteers who came to our rescue. We are in your good hands. There are definitely angels among people. We are all safe, W-Underdogs staff wrote on the shelter's Facebook page.

According to shelter founder Gracie Hamlin, although the fire did not completely destroy the shelter, however, it left it uninhabitable

Fortunately, the shelter was only a week away from moving to a new facility. So now all its inhabitants will live in a new and safe place.

animals to their new home

Volunteers also do not stand aside and help W-Underdogs

The main thing is that all the inhabitants of the shelter are now safe

In the meantime, pets W- The Underdogs are settling into a new location as the shelter tries to help their savior Keith Walker with a job and a place to live. A lot of people are not indifferent to his story and wish to give all possible support to Walker.

And for his pet Bravo, W-Underdogs now always has a portion of delicious food !

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