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How Karl Lagerfeld's cat lives, to which he bequeathed $ 200 million

Famous designer Karl Lagerfeld passed away in 2019, it's hard to believe that two years have passed. Even during his lifetime, he was famous for his eccentric behavior and unusual decisions.

And nothing has changed at the end of Lagerfeld's long and eventful biography. The fashion designer had no close relatives left, so he made an extraordinary decision: to bequeath his huge fortune to his cat.

So, the cat Shuppet received about 200 million dollars. Françoise Casote, Lagerfeld's former housekeeper, became the guardian. Now the cat receives the same care as during the life of the fashion designer. So, once every ten days she is examined by a veterinarian, and two governesses Shuppet monitor her nutrition and hygiene.

Shuppet's media career also continues. Previously, when the owner was alive, she participated in modeling shoots, for which the cat received a fee. I wonder if at least once she guessed how rich and successful?

Shuppet's life can now be followed on Instagram. Her account is maintained by a special agency that specializes in promoting pet pages. And you can still buy merch with Shuppet: the cat adorns T-shirts, mugs and phone cases. The legendary owner himself worked on the creation of the cat merch.

Source: lemurov.net

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