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“Give me the most unfortunate and unnecessary dog!” Said the 5-year-old girl. The baby chose a friend with her heart

Money definitely can't buy friends, and it's true!

Elina Dilenko mother A 5-year-old girl was about to adopt a pet from a shelter. Then she asked her daughter how they would choose him. To which the little girl replied: “I don’t care what this dog will look like, how old she will be, and what gender she will be. I chose the most unfortunate one who lived in the shelter the longest!”.

Elina was very touched by such a wise answer. But it’s true, it’s easier for young and very small animals to find owners in a shelter. But the big ones are not so simple.

It happened. Elina and her daughter brought home a large aggressive male who lived in a shelter for more than 3 years, no one took him away, since he was considered “problematic”.

The woman says: “Probably, in the soul of this big guy the hopelessness to find the owner has already settled and lived a full life. I will not tell you with what grateful eyes this red-haired giant has been looking at my daughter for all five years! Now this is our, dear red monster, affectionate, obedient, kissing and hugging! ”

Once an angry and aggressive dog turned into a domestic affectionate pet and trusted friend.

I would like to note that the girl made the right choice, because the heart never fails in such matters …

Source: duck.show

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