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Frustrated owners abandoned little puppy at gas station

A volunteer girl found an abandoned puppy at a gas station. It turned out that his owners were disappointed with his outbredness. OUR editorial team tells about Novi, a lucky person who was lucky to meet kindness.

She accidentally noticed a broken carrier among the trash and tall grass behind the gas station, and then only because the duct tape-wrapped structure swayed. A crying, frightened baby was found inside, it was immediately evident that he was thin and dehydrated.

The girl turned to the station staff to determine how long the puppy had been here, but they they were only surprised to learn that the cage was nearby.

The rescuer loaded the carrier into the car and decided to take the puppy home, because it was already late.

First of all, she thoroughly washed the foundling and fed it. He was very hungry, it looks like he was locked up for about two days. A note was attached to the carrier, it said that the baby's name was Toshka, he was vaccinated, eats everything, but prefers bread and chicken bones.

The author of the message explained that he took the puppy in a shelter, like a corgi, but soon realized that he was not purebred. The “owner” tried to return the pupil to the orphanage, but he was refused. He also thought about euthanizing an unnecessary pet, but, fortunately, the procedure seemed too costly to him.

The next day, the girl went with the foundling to the veterinary clinic. Her assumptions that the puppy is very tiny were confirmed. The specialist confirmed that the baby was separated from the mother too early. Apparently, his mother got to the shelter pregnant, so the puppies were attached as soon as the opportunity arose.

Examination showed that the baby is perfectly healthy, only needs enhanced nutrition and caring hands.

On the same day, a volunteer delivered her ward to the Furry States animal shelter. Here he was received well and given the name Novy (Novy), in honor of one of the active volunteer assistants. The kid is absolutely wonderful, he is affectionate, kind and very smart for his age, although he is still looking for his mother, looking under the belly of each of the four-legged guests of the shelter.

Whenever he does something, he looks into people's eyes , as if asking “Did I do everything right?”.

And his savior, grateful for the chance that she was able to find Novi, she is sure that he will still be able to surprise his future owners .

Source: lemurov .net

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