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Four street kittens stick together, even when everything is fine and they were rescued


Four red kittens do everything together, and that's the only way. They do not leave each other after childhood on the street.

A few weeks ago, a caring Oregonian discovered a brood of kittens born to a wild cat. When the mom stopped breastfeeding the babies, they were brought to the Salem Friends of Felines (Salem, Oregon) for a chance at a better life.

All four kittens are boys (Drummer, Cupid, Tinsel and Dancer) and are almost identical in appearance.

“So far I have noticed the following differences between them: Tinsel has the lightest shade of fur and the thinnest face, while the Drummer has a tail that ends not in a spot, but in a square,” says Kayla, foster mother.

Arriving at the overexposure, the kittens explored their new abode with the whole quartet. As soon as they settled down, they huddled together, purred in unison and fell asleep.

From the very beginning, they showed touching affection for each other.

In the very first days, Kayla noticed that the four do almost everything together and cohesively.

If one kitten decides to get out of a cozy bed, the other three immediately follow him . They desperately frolic and selflessly doze as a whole, never alone.

When Kayla enters their room, all four cling to her and demand affection.

One by one, they approach the foster mother until they settle comfortably in the desired places.

Cupid and Dancer like to curl up with Kayla in their arms. The drummer is a kitten-parrot, and can easily fall asleep on his shoulder.

Tinsel prefers to hang out with Kayla under a jacket – so, he is as close as possible to his man.

If one of the boys climbs onto Kayla's lap for hugs, the others soon join in.

“They do almost everything together and love to be petted,” Kayla says.

“Tinsel is greedy for attention. If you don't give him all your time, he gets jealous. It's so charming! He likes to just hang out under my sweater,” Kayla adds.

on my shoulders. Once there, he flies into nirvana. The dancer and Cupid are always together.”

The cat brothers will not spend another day on the street. Now they are busy growing up, copying each other and enjoying tenderness.

Kittens love home life with good food in the nearest accessibility, a large collection of toys for various games and loving people nearby who will always hug you on demand.

The striped boys continue to occupy human knees in tandem at every opportunity.

Kayla sometimes sits for hours, surrounded on all sides by happy, purring kittens, blissfully on the verge of wakefulness and slumber. It always puts a smile on her face.

The brothers will be placed in good hands when they are old enough.

In the meantime, they give love to their foster mother every day, ideally warming her knees and shoulders.

Source : bezkota.ru

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