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Don't clean up after your dog's feces? Now you will be found on the other side of the country.


A resident of the Spanish city of Paterna was extremely dumbfounded and unpleasantly surprised when she received a message about a huge fine. Yes, there was a reason, she was to blame.

But there were no witnesses and evidence, except … a bunch of dog poop.

Actually, this is the story of just feces. Uncleaned faeces.

It's no secret that many dog owners clean up after them not out of love for cleanliness, but to avoid fines. But whoever is not caught will not be punished – the aunt from the story took her dog to the doorway, where there were no CCTV cameras or witnesses. And then, with a calm soul, she continued her vacation – it was in the resort town of Benalmadena back in August last year.

It turned out that the authorities of the resort are very sensitive to the cleanliness of the city. The police took samples from the feces, isolated the DNA of the animal in the laboratory, and then ran through the database and found the dog they were looking for, 640 km from the place of defecation. A fine of 70 euros, but taking into account the costs incurred, all 500 can be soldered. But the culprit was much more struck by the fact that because of some kind of pile of poop, the police searched for her for six months and still found her on the other side of the country.

By the way, a similar system for identifying dogs by DNA has been operating in Israel, in Tel Aviv, since last year. Here, half a ton of dog waste is removed from the streets every month, so the authorities are extremely interested in finding, punishing and fining to compensate for all costs. And rightly so.

Source: lemurov.net

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