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Chimpanzee makes friends with a little bear

An amazing incident happened in the zoo of the Turkish city of Gazeantep – a local old-timer, chimpanzee Jan, took a 28-day-old baby bear cub under his care.

He is an orphan, was rescued from poachers and taken to petting zoo. Can decided that this was his honorable mission!

Dzhan and Bonchuk, that's what they called the teddy bear

By they are almost the same in size!

Bonchuk is just a baby, he is only 28 days old . The main food is milk.

Jan the chimpanzee is lonely and bored. And here is a pupil!

It is not known for certain where Bonchuk comes from , he was found without his parents on a boat of poachers

Zoo staff encourage such an alliance – the teddy bear needs support

News already flew all over the country and many people come to the zoo to see an amazing couple

We wish good luck to Mimimishka!

Adults must take care about small ones, even if they are of a different kind!

Source: lemurov.net

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