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Celebrities Whose Hearts Have Been Captured by Cats

Famous and famous people are still people, and therefore they cannot resist the charm of a cat . Even more, many do not even try, but immediately give up and devote their lives to cats.

At least personal, free from career. And it looks incredibly touching!

Robert Downey Jr

Drew Barrymore

Ed Sheeran and his kitten

Nicole Kidman

Katy Perry loves cats!

Taylor Swift also has fluffy

The famous game developer Hideo Kojima has a cat to match

Jenna Fisher's Cats

Favorite Gigi Hadid

Karl Lagerfeld Cat

Miley Cyrus Kitten

Salma Hayek's very important cat

Martha Stewart's Cats

Kim Kardashian also has a fluffy

Cats are universal conquerors of hearts and decorators of our lives, regardless of whether , what place do we occupy in it!

Source: lemurov.net

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