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Cats put people in their place – 15 photos

Have you decided to get a cat and want to mentally prepare? First of all, know: the human power in the house will be replaced by a cat.

This is the law. You can submit and take pictures like the authors of these shots.

1. He understands very well what he is doing

2. So what? My bowl is actually on the floor!

3. Thriller

four. 18 kg of filler now… fill…

5. Flirting

6. Thief

7. The hostess would not have suspected for a long time that she was using the same toothbrush with the cat, if she had not accidentally seen this

eight. There was still pizza in the box

9. Fresh Evidence

It is difficult to hide the sauce on a white coat.

10. Adhesive tape on the doors – protection of food from grabbing paws

eleven. Human! The house is dirty, let's not relax

12. No wonder

13. Don't blink when you work with the dough – cats are very fast…

fourteen. Excellent alarm clock, effective, only today is Sunday

fifteen. Insidious Hidden Attack

Now you know what to expect from the everyday life of a cat owner. Still want to get a cat?

Source: bezkota.ru

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