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Cats-bears: in one of the catteries in Germany, they brought out cats with a chocolate-colored coat

Unusual kolobok cats are bred in the German nursery “Crystal Flame”.

They are distinguished by an incredibly soft coat of milk chocolate color and round faces.

Their coat is not only soft, but also incredibly fluffy and thick.

Most of all, they look like miniature bears with round ears and noses, the same round eyes and fluffy big paws. Nursery workers take care of each of these “cubs”. All of them are vaccinated and boast an excellent pedigree, they are regularly examined by a veterinarian.

The colors of the new breed range from milky with cocoa to deep -brown.

They differ not only in their amazing appearance, but also in their calm and accommodating character .

They gladly give themselves to cuddle. Needless to say, the demand for koloboks is great: queues line up even for kittens that have not yet been born.

Source: duck.show

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