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Cat owners compete to see who has the weirdest pet

Stronger in its incomprehensibility than the glorified female logic can only be the logic of a cat. This is probably why they have been associated with each other since ancient times. adapt to cat pranks and Wishlist.

And they are very different!

She loves to take a bath, but without contact with water

It seems we know from whom the yogis learned their poses

Uninvited guest in the shower

Little black imp

How I love look at the upside down world!

Seems, he has already walked up

Favorite pose before TV

Secret spy at work

how the mistress of the shower takes

Look at my pillows!

Black creature in ambush

Casting for a dramatic role

The desire to eat a cactus is stronger than the pain of thorns

Help! Kitty needs help!

And what cute and mysterious nonsense do your pets get up?

Source: lemurov.net

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