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Brought to prosperity by people, the former “pocket” kitten

Beth Walden's family found out about a short kitten who was in dire need of help.

A three-week-old baby, who was abandoned by a negligent mother, remained the size of a newborn kitten, and even did not see anything because of eye infection. It was not clear whether it would be possible to save his eyesight, but the family decided to leave the baby.

Guinness (as the cat was called) after a couple of days figured out how to eat from a syringe, and began to gradually gain weight.

Then the family took a breath – it became clear that the cub got out. Beth got up every hour in the middle of the night for a long time to provide the baby with a new portion of food, and the kitten, as soon as his appetite was restored, began to eat three times as much. And then he fell asleep, curled up.

In this the heart of a warrior beats like a cat child.

Yes, and his eyes soon cleared up, opened wide, showing all their splendor.

Every day of Guinness was marked by new successes, and the family doted on the cat's child. Even the dogs joined in the competition to see who would be the most welcoming to the kitten, trying to express their support to him day and night.

Watch Guinness in this cute video:

Why would a kitten have paws if not for exploring the world?

You can walk on it, touch it, and drive separate fragments of this world along Semi.

A little fighter who has made such a difficult path to life is curious about everything that moves and that can be caught.

And now he has doubled his weight and demonstrates enviable health.

And happy when his adoptive mother hugs him . Yes, he is still small in stature – but this shortcoming is compensated by his perky disposition.

Source: duck.show

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