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Barbosiki, funny ponytails and noses

Let's be honest – intelligence is not about dogs. They only pretend that they understand everything, everyone knows how, they execute different commands.

stupidity and desire to chew on something forbidden.

Goonies, what can I say.

The dirtiest in the world

Sleeping Potato

Fed up and bainki

The watchdog slept soundly and ignored the thief

Everyone makes mistakes

Curiosity is not a vice!

And I'm all so mysterious!

This is not what you thought

There is always such a friend

What a language!

And what is it?

I won't let you in!

To catch the tail, you have to sit on your head!

This guy on the subway made the morning less gloomy

We dogs are smart animals!

That's why we love them. And if they were really only smart and obedient, there would be only one boredom.

Source: lemurov.net

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