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Aussie works at a zoo and shares pictures of animals, each of which is pure cuteness

Finding your calling is a rare success, and it clearly turned up with the Australian Chad Staples. Chad owns a private zoo in southern Australia, but does not sit in the office all the time, but loves to chat with his wards. , kissing with lions and the trust of meerkats – all this cuteness Chad proudly demonstrates on his page on Instagram. And people admire all the natural diversity that he manages to meet.

Australian shares photos with wild animals, and his Instagram is a real online zoo

Australian Chad Staples owns the private zoo Mogo Wildlife Park, which is located on the south coast of New South Wales. A wide variety of species of animals, reptiles and birds live here, and Chad does not miss the opportunity to cuddle his charges.

Chad Staples owns a zoo and loves the animals that live in it

Chad has the largest number of exotic animals for private zoos in Australia

Chad thinks the people of Australia are lucky to be here full of rare and unusual animals

Where else can you cuddle with a wombat and hold an echidna in your hands – a mammal that lays eggs?

“Working at the zoo is not my job or career, it's my passion”

According to Chad, every encounter with animals delights him

It seems that the animals love Chad in return

In general, Chad and his animals clearly have mutual love!

More animals and moments from Chad's work can be seen on his Instagram.

Source: twizz.ru

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