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An orphan kitten snuck into the nest of little kittens and demanded to be part of their family


An orphan kitten climbed into the nest of little kittens and decided to stay.

Animal rights activist Bella from Indonesia stumbled upon a kitten without a mother. The kid urgently needed help.

The kitten was skin and bones, extremely dirty and starving. “I picked him up, about a month and a half old, on the street, all dusty and greasy,” says Bella.

Not having a carrier with her, Bella put the kitten in a box and gave him food. The little tramp ate and ate as much as the size of his stomach allowed.

When the kitten (who was named Daniba) was washed and checked at the vet, he got into overexposure and began to make up for the lost sleep.

Then everything was settled with his health, and the kitten joined the others pupils in the house for socialization. Bella thought he would join two other kittens his age, but little Dani had something else in mind.

A few weeks before the appearance of the kitten, Bella took a pregnant cat abandoned by someone from the street, which later gave birth to four babies in a cozy warm nest, away from all street dangers.

Dani heard a soft squeak from the large box where the cat family settled and noticed the mother cat feeding her children. Intrigued, he conceived something and carried it out that very night.

The next morning, Bella, waking up, found baby Dani sleeping among the kittens, right in the thick of the heap. The older kitten relaxed on his back, surrounded by new friends he found himself.

“I was very surprised. He was always nice, but this trick is beyond praise,” says Bella.

And even though there were peers nearby with whom you can play and hug, Dani always returned to the nest to the kids, as if he was always part of their family.

“He continued to come to sleep with little kittens and even joined them during mother's feeding. “It’s lucky that the mother cat treated him like her own, cared for and cared for him,” says Bella.

Dani was much larger than Yu-na's babies, but he wanted to sleep with them and returned every time, not paying attention to the many other cat beds in the house.

Sometimes Yu-didn't need a break to warm up and gain strength, then Dani stayed in place – to nurse four kittens and keep them company.

He was there when the kittens opened their eyes and took the first steps out of the nest.

Growing up, the kids began to imitate their older brother in games and wrestling.

Little Dani was happy to be among loving brothers and sisters, next to his mother, whom you can cuddle.

He liked the role of the big kid and he drank with pleasure mother's milk, even being three months old.

“Incredibly affectionate purr. His stepmother gave him the necessary feeling of affection while he grew up in anticipation of adoption.

The orphan kitten has come a long way since the day he picked up from the street. He starved for motherly love and became part of a family of five.

When the kitten (now renamed Rocky) was ready to spread its wings and fly away, he was adopted by the wonderful people.

“He likes to watch TV with his people, and he also has a new cat sister in his house, to play with,” adds Bella.

The former tramp has become happy, frisky and even more affectionate. He enjoys home life and does not worry about anything in the world.

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