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Amazing creatures that seem to have been brought from another planet

Life on Earth is bizarre and varied, it will bring many more surprises to scientists. Yes, and ordinary inhabitants too – many have no idea what kind of animals live next to us.

Let's get enlightened!

The panda ant was only seen a few times

This turtle has a very long neck, which is completely hidden in the shell

The Belgian Blue breed has a double set of muscles

The pygmy antelope is really small

” Living stone “Pyura chilensis – a sea creature, a delicious delicacy

The pike blennies have a very expressive mouth

This is what crab migration looks like on Christmas Island

The drop fish is not a myth, that's what it is

The coat of the Bergamasco Shepherd Dog is ideal for highlands

What an incredible tail the beast has!

This Enipniastes was photographed at a depth of 5 km

The star-nosed mole navigates with the help of tentacles on the nose

Welsh black-faced sheep as if in makeup

And this is only a small part of the curiosities that our planet hides!

Source : lemurov.net

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