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All sleep! 13 cats sweetly stretched out to their full length

Cats are known to sleep for a long time. They often do this in the strangest poses.

Today we will show you the mustachioed-striped ones who love to stretch out while sleeping in full length . They stretch their front and hind legs so that it seems as if the purrs are infinitely long. The spectacle turns out to be very cute and funny!

So, in front of you are 13 cats that sleep sweetly, stretched out to their full length.

Get your dose of tenderness right now! Look)

1. Someone cover me with a blanket…

And the light, turn off the light!

2. A real poseur!

throw a paw on a paw even in a dream)

3. Stretch across the floor?

No problem!

4. Whoever lays down first, that is the place!


5. When finally the day off

I will sleep in all positions!

6. Two from the casket

Cats who do everything together and … equally

7. What an owner, such a cat

Or find 10 differences

8. Under the wall is always more convenient!

Warmer and safer

9. Place taken!

This is all mine!

10. What a short sofa you have!

I can't fit!

11. How tired I am…

Don't even wake me to eat!

12. The main thing is that the bed should be soft

This cat cannot be wrong!

13. So that's what this notch is for!

It's so sweet to sleep in it!

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Source: popularnoe.net

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