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Adorable puppies that just want to be held

Oh, those eyes, noses and ponytails! Question: who prefers small puppies? It is difficult to find a person who does not like animals.

And of course, the most beloved ones are always babies.

one. What an incredible fluffy!

2. Look how super small he is!

3. I also really want to try holding one!

four. What a cute little face!

5. Help! I can't see anything at all!

6. What is fluffier – a carpet or this cute little puppy?

7. A bouquet of real puppies!

eight. Absolutely and completely ready for a walk!

9. A puppy or is it still a rodent?

ten. It's time to take control of the bath!

eleven. Well, why are you staring at me?

12. Very cool guy!

13. Those beautiful eyes!

fourteen. Though small, but the best!

fifteen. 3 puppies are always better than one!

Source: duck.show

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