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A small plush chow-chow spent a month looking for an owner through the cold streets

Chow-chow dog lost in Kursk. Many passers-by did not pay attention to the red dog. Everyone thought that he was walking and would return home soon.

But nothing happened, the dog continued to roam the cold streets.

Her ordeals ended on the day when a subscriber of the “Tail with a Trumpet” organization noticed the pass .

The woman made every possible effort to help the dog . She called the volunteers, after which the dog was given medical care.

The time spent on the street left its mark. The tangled, matted fur created an unattractive appearance, caused discomfort.

The worst news was that the dog was blind.

Veterinarians have made every effort to preserve the sight of the second eye hidden behind the crease.

While the thoroughbred dog is overexposure. Volunteers managed to find out that his mistress had died. They do not lose hope of finding a new owner for the pet.

Winnie is a good obedient dog that will brighten up the life of any pet lover.

Source: neskychno.com

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