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A puppy from a shelter wanted to find an owner so much that he even learned to smile

Dogs that end up in a shelter suffer greatly without their home and loving owner. Every homeless animal is very happy about new visitors and hopes that one day one of them will be able to take it with them.

Some are just waiting for this to happen, while others, more smart and cunning, are trying in every possible way to speed up the process of “adoption”. A black Labrador named Burro also decided not to sit idle, but to act.

This puppy came to the shelter with his sister and brother when they were 2 months old. Burro's brother was taken first, after which the shelter staff noticed that the puppy began to greet each new visitor with a smile. Most likely, in this way he wanted to please people in order to quickly find an owner.

The workers of the shelter took a video of Burro smiling and posted it on the Internet. The video instantly gained a lot of likes and comments, after which new owners were immediately found for the smiling puppy.

Now only Burro's sister is left in the shelter, but the staff are sure that publicity will help this little girl find a home as soon as possible.

Source: duck.show

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