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A photographer from Perm showed step by step the “hunt” of his cat for pigeons

Sergey Boldenkov from Perm has been professionally engaged in photography since 2014 and has already developed a flair for successful shots.

Recently, it again made itself felt, as a result of which a chic composition “Domestic cat Barsik bravely hunts pigeons” appeared. Hero of the week!

This is our hero, 3 -year-old Persian Barsik. The animal is purely domestic.

But instincts take their toll. First you need to climb higher.

Barsik is never sporty , so it's harder than it looks

Resting and is plotting evil

Yeah, that's the loot!

There are too many of them. And somehow scary.

Pigeons do not notice the bright red predator

Fight! Mryav!

But what- something went wrong

Pigeons easily slipped away and Barsik that day again had to eat food from a can instead of fresh meat

Sergey said that Barsik does not despair and, if necessary, will definitely continue hunting.

Source: lemurov.net

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