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A hungry and downtrodden dog from a gas station turned into a happy handsome man in a month

Bali is famous not only for picturesque views and wonderful rest, but also for a large number of stray dogs.

One of these was met by the caring Aaron, who decided to help the animal.

Aaron was driving down the road one day and noticed a stray dog by the side of the road near a tire dealer. To looked very weak, scared, sick, dehydrated and hungry. In addition, the dog was in danger, because cars were constantly rushing past, which could bring down.

At first the dog seemed to Aaron wounded. The man also noticed skin problems: the dog was almost bald. But upon closer examination, it turned out that the skin was literally dotted with ulcers that were about to open. This sight is not for the faint of heart.

Aaron turned to tire store employees: together the guys managed to drive the dog away from a dangerous place so that he ended up in a more protected area. The dog did not let people near him, obviously did not trust them. The indifferent man tried in vain to approach and even lured with food. After a while, hunger overcame a stray dog, and he ate the offered food.

Aaron was upset that a lot of people probably passed by the dog, and none of them paid attention to what was happening, did not want to help. But the man realized that he definitely could not leave the animal in trouble. But Aaron could not catch him on his own, so he turned to the local shelter for help and asked his staff to deliver the dog to the clinic.

Finally, the dog was taken to the veterinary station, where he was immediately provided with medical assistance. It turned out that in addition to dehydration and exhaustion, there is cancer. Veterinarians began a course of chemotherapy.

The dog was named Homer and he didn't let anyone near him. Aaron did not insist and at first he simply sat by the cage so that the dog would understand that among people there are those who will not cause pain and harm.

Gradually, Homer began to get used to a new friend, after a couple of days he let himself be stroked, and then he even began to playfully wag his tail and demonstrate joy.

A month later, the lucky Homer was unrecognizable. He gained weight and looked much better. Three months later, the treatment gave results: the dog defeated cancer, began to grow fluffy light hair.

The dog also got a new owner and a new home: Aaron's friend named Nungki wanted to adopt a four-legged friend. Now Homer is happy and enjoys his new life and every day of it.

Source: lemurov.net

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