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A crocodile has been living in a Japanese family for 40 years

Many people rightfully consider crocodiles to be dangerous predators that are best avoided.

But the Nobumitsu Murabayashi family from Kure City, Hiroshima Prefecture has had a different opinion for four decades.

It was then that the father gave the current head of the family a caiman: they acted years of persuasion. Time passed and the animal, which was named Kaymak-sak, grew up. It has received a special license to live in the Murabayashi house.

Now its length exceeds two meters, and its weight rises to 45 kilograms during well-fed periods. The Japanese believes that his pet is absolutely harmless. Kaimak-saka attempted to attack a person only once, he tried to bite his son Nobumitsu.

But the man gave the animal a second chance. Apparently not right. Now the caiman is absolutely patient with children, moreover, he allows the little members of the Murabayashi family to ride on his back.

The animal spends almost all the time at home: it has enough space to walk, and the house is big enough to bathe an alligator. However, sometimes Nobumitsu takes his ward to the streets of the city on a harness. Then Kaimak-sak bathes in public fountains and attracts crowds of onlookers.

It was the popularity of Kaimak-sak among the locals that had a good effect on the life of the family. The thing is that the local press was actively interested in the family with the crocodile. The general attention helped Nobumitsu Murabayashi attract many clients: the man works as a real estate agent.

Now Kaimak-sak is literally a symbol of his business.

Source: lemurov.net

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