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A couple adopted an extremely fat shelter cat in order to bring him into shape

Megan Hanneman and Mike Wilson work for a small private company that makes wall-mounted seats, shelves and cat ladders.

Everything to make it more convenient and interesting for domestic fluffy sissies to spend time at four walls.

As testers of all these structures (as well as just favorites) the couple has two cats, but about a month ago it was decided to get a third one. When a guy and a girl visited the nearest cat shelter, the first thing they saw was a huge cat named Bronson.

He was so fat that he could hardly move and lay more and more. That day, Michael and Megan did not adopt anyone, but when they returned home, they talked all evening about the fat fluffy.

The administrator of this shelter told them that the three-year-old Bronson, affectionate and calm, found himself in the shelter after the death of his elderly owner, who probably shared high-calorie snacks with the cat.

The next day, the guy and the girl returned to the shelter with the firm intention of taking Bronson out of there and put him on a diet.

“Bronson really very affectionate, he immediately purred and began to stomp on us with his paws, as soon as we stroked him. Then we noticed how big extra fingers he had – polydactyly. His paws are like mittens.”

Megan and Mike wasted no time in taking the cat to the vet, who explained to them that fat pets need to lose weight as slowly as possible so as not to harm their health. A diet was developed: 375 kilocalories per day, half dry food, half wet.

“Bronson conquered all the wind workers with his charm, they went into the office one by one to admire his fluffy“ mittens ”and plump barrels.”

For the most part, the cat spends time lying on the floor, but now how at least 20 minutes a day he is entertained with special toys stuffed with catnip. And it was also thought to take him away from his favorite pillow, so that he would independently return to it on his paws.

Then they began to raise him to the second floor in order to motivate him to walk up the stairs. However, it turned out to be difficult for the fat cat, so the idea was postponed until later.

And also a guy with a girl opened an Instagram account for Bronson. Subscribers began to appear there, and when the media recently wrote about the cat, things went more actively …

Now the number of subscribers has exceeded 250 thousand. Initially, Bronson weighed 14.9 kg, and now – 9.5. So, slowly and carefully, the cat is moving towards its normal weight, and, approximately, will be able to reach it in a year.

Source: bezkota.ru

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