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5 things cats can't stand and show their temper because of it

One of the most beloved and common pets is cats. These fluffy animals most often live in families and bring joy to the owners, with an admixture of problems.

These 5 things cats especially can't stand it, however, it is possible to report it only by negative behavior.

1. When cat labor is not respected

It is often difficult for a person to understand these feline jumps, but the fact is that cats demand recognition of their merits. They spend the lion's share of time on washing, literally for hours they can put their hair in order, wash off any aromas. How can they tolerate the fact that a person in the blink of an eye reduces all these inhuman works to nothing? After all, it is enough to stroke the cat or take it in your arms, as he again has to wash himself. Cats perceive the depreciation of their work extremely negatively. Therefore, try to show respect for the pet.

2. An unclean tray.

Everything is simple here, the cats are clean and it will not take long to take out dirty trays. If you have problems with regularity, don't be surprised if sooner or later you have to clean outside the tray too. Sometimes cats warn of their desire for a clean litter box, but not everyone will spend time on this. If you didn’t take it out on time – rake it out of the flower pot or rug in the hallway.

3. Vacuum cleaners

Cats organically cannot stand this terrible unit. In their view, this is something very scary, so do not add unpleasant emotions to the cat with ridicule or rudeness. Do not forget that a cat's hearing is several times better than a human's, and they perceive this terrible hum as the end of the world.

4. Petting against wool.

This simple rule is periodically forgotten by people, and then they are surprised that the cat cannot stand their attention and caresses. It is impossible to iron these animals against the hair, they get the feeling that you are pulling out the hair.

5. The presence of doors

This is a very strange whim, but for cats to control the territory, doors are very disturbing. It doesn't matter in the house, in the room – it annoys the cat. And if you get into the habit of hiding from the cat, then he will not forgive you for this. Especially in the kitchen, when something tasty is being prepared.

Cats are creatures with a character that should be taken into account so that life with a pet is harmonious for everyone.

Source: lucky-women.ru

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