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18 Photos Of Ridiculous And Adorable Possums And Possums You Can't Confuse Now

Can you tell a possum from an opossum? And do they have any differences at all, except for this letter “o” at the beginning? Of course! These are completely different animals with different habitats. But both possums and opossums can be equally funny.

We have compiled a selection of pictures for you that proves it.

Opossums as the personification of evil

But possums are real cuties

Opossums are not photogenic during meals

And this is how the golden possum eats

Possums and opossums are united by the fact that they belong to the class of marsupials. This is where the similarities end. Opossums live in America, they are omnivorous predators. Possums can be found in Australia and New Zealand, and they eat plant foods.

Ossums can make perfect memes

As if shouting: “I didn’t finish! »

Possum with strawberries — cuteness herself

Possum Family

Possums also like to ride on someone

Open-mouthed opossums are something

BUT here the possums look confused

Little Possum

Australian Dwarf Possum

This is how arrogantly looks like a possum that made its way into the house to people

And this frightened possum snuck into the office and crushed him

We have the story of how he was rescued from there. You can read it here.

Okay, possums can be cute too

And this possum was clearly taken by surprise

What kind of stupid muzzles do possums have

And possums can come to visit with the company

Who do you like more? Possums or opossums?

Source: twizz.ru

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