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16 cutest photos of animals that have finally found caring owners. Now the homeless life is over!


Happiness cannot be bought. But you can shelter a homeless animal by giving him a house, and he will give this very happiness, becoming the most faithful friend. If you give them love and care, they will always respond in kind, because they need good owners so much.

We have collected photos for you animals that found a family, and it's insanely cute.

1. “Tofi realized that he was being taken away, and now he has a house”

2. “Today I adopted my first cat! Meet Earl”

3. “Say hello to Winnie the Poodle, my new rescued friend”

She is 8.5 years old, underweight, 2 teeth left, used for breeding, and yet she smiles!

four . “I rescued a cat from the street. Photos before and after. One year difference”

5. “Meet the new dog I adopted about an hour ago, his name is Odin”

6. “Last week we adopted this sweet old man – meet Woody!”

7. “1 month at home, he is already my best friend!”

eight. “Meet Lily. She was homeless, and today my husband and I took her in”

He doesn't like cats, but she won him over with her charming, loving gaze.

9. “100% that I took her because of the eyes. Say hello to Kaya”

ten. “This is my first pet that is wholly mine!”

Not to my brothers. Not to my parents. Not my children. Not my (now ex) husband. MY! Meet Cordelia Rose who stole my heart!

eleven. “Shortly after we rescued Paul, a loving hug ensued”

12. “My girlfriend saved this little girl today”

13. “Say hello to Enzo, our first rescued puppy”

fourteen. “Albert's reaction to being taken from the shelter…he couldn't stop smiling”

fifteen. “Charlie! He was my sober gift to myself. Today is 130 days without alcohol “

16. “Lolita's first night at home!”

Take another look at a cat named Bruce Willis. Years ago, he was the saddest cat, but now he is simply unrecognizable!

Source: twizz.ru

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