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15 times when people dreamed of getting a sea of cat love, but received only an ocean of problems

People get cats to love them, well, so that they reciprocate. It would be naive to think that these wayward furries will meet you from work and lie quietly on your lap, purring with pleasure.

Instead, they will ruin your life.

See for yourself.

“This fluffy beauty sat down on my homework and doesn't want to leave”

“Every time I go to the toilet, my cat yells under the door, for me to let her in. She comes in and starts scratching me until I let her jump on my lap”

“Esper loves to wake me up by putting his ass in my face”

“He thought the potted plant looked bad. It is much better if it lies on the floor “

“And so every time I want to use my computer”

“My girlfriend and I wanted to take a cute selfie together, but the cat had other plans”

“We have three scratching posts in our house, but he prefers to tear up our sofa”

“This is what Oliver thinks of my homework”

“Honey, I think we have bed bugs”

“He does it once a week”

“I got a cat and this is what she did to my chair in 3 months”

“We were looking for him all over the apartment”

Climbing into the box from the top would be too easy

Hey boss, do you remember you were worried about the bills that came to you? We relieved you of this stress

“When I try to read a book and it doesn't get enough attention”

“Even sticks sticking out out of the pot, can't stop him from destroying my succulents”

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