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15 Photos That Prove There's a Special Bond Between Cats and Men

There is a stereotype that cats are girls' favorites, and guys are not particularly charmed by these beautiful creatures.

In fact, among men there are those who are not indifferent to fluffy impudent people.

There is an Instagram account dedicated to caring, sensitive and simply wonderful cat fathers.

Brutal men show how they spend time with their pets and take the cutest photos. We invite you to take a look at the touching relationship between cat fathers and their cat children.

1. “I plan to spend the whole day with her”

2. “Happy day everyone!”

3. “We hug all the time”

four. “Morning photo from Murmansk”

5. “When it's time to get up, but the cat won't let go”

6. «Caring catfather»

7. “The world's first cat-beard!”

eight. “A touching connection between a man and a cat”

9. “I caught you, master”

ten. “Everyone for a little kitten!”

eleven. “Good picture for a greeting card”

12. «Sweet day dream»

13. “The cat goes to the vet for the first time”

fourteen. “Do you love me?”

fifteen. “Inseparable Travelers”

Source: popularnoe.net

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