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15 photos that have become finalists of the contest of the funniest pictures with pets in 2021

Every pet owner can boast of photos in which their pets turned out funny and ridiculous.

Especially for such pictures, there is a competition Comedy Pet Photography Awards, where the owners send the funniest shots with their dogs, cats, horses and even poultry!

The jury has already chosen this year's finalists – which means it's time to look at the photos of the most hilarious pets!

Fun and water treatment time

So looks like feeding sheep

Our cat knows how to divert attention from own brother

Pets always repeat everything after their owners

Unidentified flying dog

Let everyone know about your delight!

During the quarantine, our dog hardly saw people and now he is very happy.

A smile worthy of Hollywood

What ball are you talking about?

I just wanted to get clean clothes, but the cat was shocked by my desire

The helm is in the most reliable paws

It's a pity that the contest doesn't t nomination “Best Vacation Photo”!

What bubble games can turn into

There are almost no birds among the finalists. Apparently, they are all very serious!

Is it October already?

Found a new member for my group

Who is there?

All 2021 finalists can be admired here.

Source: twizz.ru

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