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15 Photos Proving Every Cat Owner Should Have a Glass Table

Looking at cats is a pleasure! But we have seen enough of them so much that it would be nice to introduce some new element into this process, and it exists. It was once noticed on the Internet that many animals blend perfectly with glass tables. (if there is one) the same cats open themselves from a completely new, but still beautiful side.

We have long learned that cats have a liquid form of existence, and here is another proof of this!

1. “You're in double trouble, buddy”

2. Typical feline condition. Now it can be observed from such an angle

3. Flat-faced on a flat surface

four. “Pete is busy with something important”

5. “I'm watching your every move and every jar of fish you open”

6. “Why are you looking at me like that, dear, there are no patterns on me and flowers do not grow!”

7. “Mikan as usual”

eight. “The cutest gremlin”

9. They condemn you from above

ten. “It’s weak to bend like that?”

eleven. A lot of folds

12. “My Precious Baby”

13. “I'm not afraid of your fangs, kitty. The glass will protect me”

fourteen. This photo was sponsored by Coconut Oil

fifteen. Fluffy all over

Source: popularnoe.net

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