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15 photos of cute, funny and silly cats that will easily cheer you up even on the most gloomy day

Let's tell you a little secret: the Internet was invented so that you could read our site and look at photos of cute and funny cats.

Therefore, today we decided to combine these two points and collected for you cats that are especially stupid, but that's what they are good for. No special occasion is needed to admire them.

one. “Call”

2. “After my cat had her tooth pulled out today, she decided to use her fish dinner as a substitute”

3. Those teeth, those claws

four. I think I'm stuck

5. “It seems that my cats and my neighbor will become great friends”

6. When I had to shave my legs for surgery

7. I see the goal – I go to it

Yes, animals are ready to go to great lengths for the sake of food, which does not always end in victory for them. We have a whole collection of embarrassing cases where this resulted in the same kind of stuck.

eight. Cats are the flowers of life

9. “He just fell asleep like this”

ten. Smile!

eleven. Cat on guard

12. Prayer to the cat gods

13. Too many hugs

fourteen. Mother and child

This is what it means when an apple comes from an apple tree falls close. But in the animal kingdom, this does not always happen, and the cubs differ from their parents, like heaven and earth. See for yourself.

15. I don't care about your vegetables man

And recently, netizens staged a challenge in which they shared unsuccessful photos of cats. If the caudates could talk, they would definitely ask for this to be deleted.

Source: twizz .ru

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