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15 photos from the series “I'm a cat, I'll lie here for a while anyway”

Cats are known for their flexibility, physical and mental, which helps them choose the most inappropriate places to rest.

This is from our, human point of view, but they are very comfortable. Although, not a fact, sometimes it seems that cats deliberately climb there to annoy us.

The expression “In God's bosom” has acquired a new meaning

Criminal lies and the cat lies. On him.

Throwed out the knitted chicken and sat down by himself

What is it, hostess?

Right from a blockbuster

Take me big iron beast

Some strange flower has grown in our country

And even cacti do not care for him

Is that why you got in there, you little dunce?

I'm your new sysadmin!

Our cat was lying here, spilled a glass a little

Mom said that you need to be closer to food!

Everything is fine! How convenient!

Perfect place to sleep

Sales assistant in the cat food department

No exhortations will help, because they are cats. For which we love them.

Source: lemurov.net

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