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15 Photographs of Animals That Have Achieved Pro Levels in Their Laziness

In each pet, a variety of character traits are bizarrely mixed. Some get more courage, some get a double dose of goofiness, and others generally beat bingo on their ability to get into trouble.

those who are lucky enough to be born a real personification of laziness and doing nothing. Such cats, dogs and other pets like not to waste the charge of their internal battery once again, but to be too lazy.

What comes of it – see here!

one. Why do something when you can just lie

2. This dog loves walks, but sometimes he just gets lazy

3. She did not even move when the grass was being mowed nearby

Sometimes animals seem to break the settings, and they refuse to behave as expected. The result is photos like this.

4. Too lazy to get up, even if you interfere with opening the locker

5. Bird Taxi

6. I got tired of chewing a bone and decided to just lean on it with my muzzle

7. Personal Carrier

My granny has just been discharged from the hospital and she walks with a walker. My cat acts like her lazy bodyguard.

eight. Why get comfortable? And so it will do!

9. That's it, the walk is over

It's too boring to sit at home, and too lazy to walk.

ten. Normal nest! What are you watching?

But do not scold pigeons for such nests – their life is already difficult. Best of all, all the hardships and moments of their everyday life are described in comics about feathered Gennady.

11. A dog that follows its owner around the house, but at any convenient moment lies on the belly

12. Well, a very lazy cat

13. Take me, big turtle!

fourteen. So close yet so far

fifteen. Take me, big turtle!

BONUS: Well, nothing, and it's also convenient

Source: twizz.ru

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