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15 incidents, jokes and funny situations in the work of a nature photographer

Naturalists are professionals from the world of photography who hunt for the most interesting phenomena in nature.

You must be able to disguise yourself, have infinite patience, lightning-fast reaction, be well versed in the types of animals and plants, and also make sure that you are not eaten inadvertently.

The reward is the closest and most interesting communication with the living world of our planet.

Why are you shooting me out of focus, huh?

You are sitting in ambush, but here it is

It's good that kitty is tame, it helps

Devoted fans of the photographer

Who is tracking whom?

Quality control is obligatory!

This is how we work – in cramped conditions

Let me click! Well, let me, let me click too!

Baby, this is not a toy

It’s easier to endure and not move, so as not to frighten off the others

Yes, he is uneasy, and he can be understood

Some animals allow themselves too much

That's why they love their job

But they don’t like it for such people!

The work of a naturalist photographer is the best in to the world e!

A very interesting and useful profession, the value of which will increase as more people settle in cities away from wildlife.

Source: lemurov.net

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