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15 Examples of Insolence of Cats For Which Human Personal Space Means Nothing

If there are creatures in the world who consider themselves the kings of the world, then these are definitely not people, but cats. It is they who become the masters in the house, and people cannot hide from them anywhere. With them, you can forget about personal space, because the tailed ones will not let you work, eat, or sleep alone.

We have collected for you are examples of a shameless feline invasion of personal space.

Monday is a hard day

She wanted to share dinner with me

I just want to read my book

It was worth putting the thing in for a second

What is the most fashionable way to wear a cat on your head?

This is what I see when I wake up in the morning

My cat steals my wife?

My new best friend fell asleep on me. Don't worry, I canceled all my plans

Of course, such a “violation of space” seems very nice and many even like it. But sometimes cats simply win back sleeping places from their owners in the most brazen way. We have a compilation about it.

Trying to pass an online exam with him is a test in itself

My cat bites dad whenever he pays attention to my mom and not to him

Juju beats me up while I play games. This happens daily

I heard my husband screaming in the shower. I went in and saw this

It turns out we share one toothbrush

I didn't pay attention to her, so while I was turning the page, she tore it

He doesn't like it when I study

Enough puzzles man

And if you want more examples of cat impudence, take a look here.

Source: twizz.ru

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