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15 confirmations that there is some kind of inexplicable magic in Maine Coons

If the king of beasts is a lion, then the king of cats is a Maine Coon. These mystical, majestic cats leave no one indifferent.

Big, like a lynx, ears with tassels at the tips, large paws and a head , a long powerful body, thick hair, an incredibly fluffy tail, impressive size and a piercing, as if human look, severe and majestic – this is how you can describe the magnificent Maine Coon cats.

King, very nice, king

Winter is the favorite time of the year for all Maine Coons

When such a cat goes out for a walk, even dogs hide

Mom, guess who's here!

Keeping balance in especially unstable positions is my strong point!

I don’t touch anyone, I fix the stove …

2-month-old Maine Coons at the reception with a veterinarian nara.

2-month-old Maine Coons weigh about 1.5 kg, and by 3–4 months they are catching up with the weight of ordinary adult cats .

“My cat can't choose between a box and a lid. Yes, a difficult dilemma!”

Look into my eyes, man!

Green alpine meadows, snow-capped peak… Wait, it's a cat!

Her Majesty Marion on his throne

He was the smallest among his brothers and sisters

What is that in your hands? Will you give it yourself?

Even Maine Coon mestizos are striking in their size

Relaxing with the owner

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