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15 Cats That Surprisingly Accurately Reflect Human Feelings. even though they are cats

What makes cats great? Sweet faces? Fluffy paws? Selfish character? Of course, all this, but there is also another feline trait that we do not always pay attention to.

Looking at them, we we can easily recognize ourselves. You can even say that cats more eloquently express all our inner feelings.

Do not believe me? Then take a look at these Murzikovs and Barsikovs, because sometimes they are you!

1. When you come to work in the morning and really want coffee

2. When you suddenly suddenly remember how many injustices are happening in the world

3. When the next day you look at the pictures of yesterday's booze

“Is it me??”

4. This is all of us every morning

5. During the holidays

6. When someone advises you to finally go in for sports

7. You and your privacy

eight. When there are 10 minutes left before going to work

9. When someone buys you a gift that the giver thinks is VERY good for you

ten. When your friend did not hurt you at all, but you tend to dramatize everything

eleven. When you return home by taxi after a long party

12. When you woke up in the morning with thoughts about a bunch of things to do, but then remembered that today is a day off

13. When you are already so cold in the office, someone else offers to open the window

fourteen. When you do not find mutual understanding with your business partners

fifteen. When you want love and affection, but your significant other is not in the mood

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