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15 Cases When People And Animals Didn't Want To Leave Each Other So Much That They Were Together Everywhere


Some owners become so attached to their pets that they don't want to let them go anywhere. Even for a minute! And those, in turn, reciprocate.

That is why in various places you can meet people and their pets who walk together along shopping, to work or just walking the streets. Here we have collected several such cases. And from one glance at these pictures, hearts begin to melt instantly.

one. A colleague brought her kid to work

2. A lemur eats a lollipop in a bar where he came with his master

3. The boss brought his Labrador to work

four. The woman went skiing and took her cat with her

5. Car sharing

The owners who take their pets with them on trips please everyone at once. And yourself, and your pet, and those around you!

6. A guy came to my pawnshop with a tame opossum

7. A man came to have breakfast in a cafe and brought his parrot with him. The bird even sat on its own chair

eight. Calf at the checkout in the store

9. If in the pool, then together

Do not worry about the cat, no one is forcing him to water procedures. According to the owner, he loves water and swimming pools.

10. At 4 am, a woman came to my store with her goat

He is 3 weeks old. His mother refused him, so the woman herself takes care of him.

eleven. My manager hired his dog

12. One of my father's clients came by with his poodles. Dad was impressed

13. Outside the grocery store, I met a man with his turkey

fourteen. A woman with a pet opossum at a fair in Portland, USA

fifteen. If in flight, then only with your bird!

Officials also sometimes take pets with them. So did the President of Ireland, who, however, then probably regretted such a decision.

Source: twizz.ru

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