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15 Cases When Animals Found Friends And Now They Can't Leave Them


The first place in the heart of any pet is occupied by its owner. But there still remains a lot of space for new friends, especially if they are also fluffy and tailed.

However, even the difference in size, types and taste preferences does not stop the friendship of animals with each other.

Here we have collected 15 examples of how cats, dogs, raccoons, rats and other little animals have found their kindred spirits and now they cannot tear themselves away from them.

one. With your best friend anywhere!

2. Unusual comrades

3. A raccoon from a wildlife shelter escaped to an enclosure with a fawn

four. So different, but still friends

5 . The fence cannot separate them

6. Most comfortable head rest

7. A friend will help in difficult times

eight . This cat is constantly protecting his friend

The emotionality of some little animals is just over the top. Especially if they see something for the first time.

9. It seems that someone here wants to be friends

ten. Mom, can my friend come with us?

eleven. Like a cat with a dog, you say?

12. They have only known each other for 4 days, but have already become best friends

Animals are not ready to part not only with other animals, but and with their owners. And they reciprocate!

13. Dimensions of friendship are not a hindrance

fourteen. Friendship for milk

fifteen. Double dose of cuteness

These are not all charming shots, that got furry friends. Here we have collected 15 more cute photos!

Source: twizz.ru

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