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15 Adorable Animal Photos That Showed Everyone That There Are No Barriers To Their Friendship

For many animals, the owners become their best friends, but at the same time, there is always a place in the hearts of fluffies for new comrades.

Dogs can boast of special friendliness, but other pets do not lag behind them. Moreover, the difference in species, size and degree of fluffiness does not play any role – four-legged and two-legged animals are ready to spend time with everyone.

one. The kid found a comfortable place

2. The cat climbs the tree every day to say hello to his pet girlfriend

3. Two comrades in Paris

four. Furry Friends

5. The story of friendship is almost like in a Disney cartoon

Wild goose flew to my grandmother's property, made friends with her pet goose and has been living here for over a year.

6. So what if the dimensions are different!

7. These two look like they just pulled off some kind of prank

Cats and dogs do not always behave like sworn enemies. Proof of this is a pit bull who gave up his kennel to a mother cat, who later gave birth to kittens in the dog's house.

eight. Furry friends

9 . Possum Hugs

ten. A panther named Luna lives in Siberia and is friends with a Rottweiler

Little Moon was bought from a traveling zoo and left to live in apartment. There she made friends with a dog, and now these two are best friends!

11. Girlfriend Cows from New Zealand

12. So different, but still together

13. How it all started and how things are going now

fourteen. With a cute paradise and in a washing machine

fifteen. Idyll

But that's not all animals , whose friendship is touching – here are 15 more such photos!

Source: twizz. en

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