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10 people who are so crazy about their pets that they sleep in an embrace with them

Dog and cat people are recognizable people in any company. Even when visiting, they immediately rush to squeeze and hug other people's furry muzzles.

And if outsiders knew what it was like to go to bed drags animals with him, then they themselves would run to the shelter for a cat or a dog already for themselves.

My dog has a habit of cuddling while sleeping

I caught my fiancé cuddling with my baby… and I was moved to tears!

After the film had been running for two minutes…

This baby lies next to the hostess if she suddenly becomes ill. And it really heals

Waffle's usual sleeping position

There is no better place than that. For sleep

I refuted my husband's complaints that cats do not cuddle up to him. Here, admire: they sleep with Lightning in an embrace

Snooze with Baby Jerry

Sleeps with a smile on his face, but before he was afraid of everything and everyone

Source: duck.show

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