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10 examples of the shameless (albeit elegant) argumentation of cats that they are the mistresses in the house!

Statistics don't lie, do they? And according to these statistics, about 500 million people in the world exist in a state of absolute slavery. When the chances of escaping from which are almost zero.

Don't believe me? Then look at the statistics of cat owners … yeah, “cat owners”! these are cats – human owners!

Yes, yes, those same cute cats that people serve and worship, and these mustachioed-striped ones take this order of things for granted. And they don't break the rules of the game…although, as masters of the house, they could. At the request of his left heel or the tip of his tail.

1. I asked to bring a pumpkin, “mistress”! What? Is it a pumpkin? Hmm … why is she so orange?

2. “I do not care!” – the universal and invisible response of the cat to attempts to subordinate it to some rules

3. You cat! Stop undermining my authority. Know your place, especially in the presence of these bipeds!

four. Return THIS to the store and bring another one! Not my size. What were you thinking?

5. Terrible Rottweiler sighs heavily and does not move: he is afraid to disturb the sleep of five little deities

6. Use barter instead of cash, since the cash desk does not work! And yes – the inspector does not take bribes!

7. Anyone who is sure that the cat does not protect his property can pay dearly

eight. Don't turn it on, two-legged! Got it?

9. Where did you see repentance on his face? So we don't see it either. But the inscription “I peed on a hamster” is read well!

ten. Creating temptations for a cat with a good owner is a good way to keep him in shape

Source: duck.show

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