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10 Animals Have Found a Home, And In Return They Gave A Ton Of Love To People

“Won’t leave you hungry, won’t leave you in trouble” — isn’t this the kind of owner the homeless dream of? And when such pets manage to find a home and receive their portion of care, they change radically. And the point here is not only in their health and appearance – their behavior and the emotions they radiate are changing.

Compare my kitten. When I pulled him out from under my car, alone and scared, with what he is now.

The saddest cat I adopted from a shelter 3 years ago

My husband was afraid that the dog we were going to adopt would not like hugs.

While I was filling out the documents for this baby, she climbed on my shoulders.

5 minutes ago he found out that he will have a house.

Look at this miracle! Someone threw it on the road a year ago, and I barely managed to pick it up, saving it from cars.

This is how my sister held the picked-up kitten while we were driving home.

His name is Alfred. He was taken by me from the shelter at his 2 and a half years. Although, according to a woman who works at this animal selection center, kittens are taken 15 times more often than large, grown-up cats.

“And the hugs do not end!”

When all emotions are read on the muzzle.

Source: duck.show

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