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Father set up a camera to check if everything is in order in the cat house

What could be cuter than the sight of a sweetly sleeping cat? Only the realization that she is all right, especially if this cat is a stray and does not go into her arms.

A couple of years ago, the Maria Cassano families from Long Island started building houses for outdoor cats, and last year my father installed cameras there to check on the wards.

Sweet peaceful dream

People like to connect to Cassano's cameras and watch cats

It all started with a cat nicknamed Mamanya, because she appeared in the family yard with a kitten in her mouth. Maria was worried about whether the cat would have enough food for the baby, and built a feeder for her. The kitten grew up safely and was taken in by a neighbor. But the next year, Mamanya came with a new kitten!

But the second time the cat came in the fall, when it became cold. In such a situation, food alone is not enough, a house is needed, and Maria's father reluctantly agreed. But during the construction process, he got so carried away that a whole den with all the amenities came out, which could accommodate a family of cats. And to make sure everything was working as intended, he put a security camera inside.

Mum safely overwintered and left. But instead of her, other stray cats began to use the house and the Cassano family got their own reality show!

Social media users really liked the idea and many began to imitate, build houses and put cameras in them

It's always nice to see how your work works and benefits those who need it!

Source: lemurov.net

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